Reply Letter Format to GST Department

There are various kinds of GST notices that a business can receive but no matter what kind of a notice it is, you must always reply to it. Whether it is a GST letter to supplier or a trader, you must know how to write a letter to GST department for notice reply. You must be able to answer the questions that have been posed in the letter using letter to GST officer format. A perfect letter is one which has a formal tone and is specific to the point.

If you are clueless about framing a reply letter format to GST department then you can always use the formally drafted GST notice reply letter format in Word.

Reply Letter Format to GST Department


Rakesh Sharma,
The Fresh and Crunch Pvt. Ltd.
New Delhi

Date: April 7th, 2020


The GST Officer,


Sub: Response to letter no. A-111/222/333 dated 09-04-2020.

Dear Sir,

I am writing this letter on behalf of M/s The Fresh and Crunch Pvt. Ltd., in response to the letter no. A-111/222/333 dated 09-04-2020 in relation with GST recovery of Rs. 52,485 (Rupees Fifty Two Thousand Four Hundred and Eighty Five Only) for the III Quarter of FY 2019-20.

As you can see from our track record that we have always been punctual with our GST payments except for that particular quarter because one of our units in Gandhi Nagar was shut down because of some property matters. This seriously affected our cash inflow because of which we were not able to make the timely payments.

Though things are much better now and we are in a position to clear our dues. We ensure that all the GST dues will be cleared by the end of this month.

Thanks for considering our situation


Rakesh Sharma,
The Fresh and Crunch Pvt. Ltd.
New Delhi

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1 thought on “Reply Letter Format to GST Department

  1. Form GSTR-3A
    [See rule 68]
    Reference No: ZA270421030212A Date: 06/04/2021
    Notice to return defaulter u/s 46 for not filing return
    Tax Period: February, 2021-22 Type of Return: GSTR-3B
    Being a registered taxpayer, 1. you are required to furnish return for the supplies made or
    received and to discharge resultant tax liability for the aforesaid tax period by due date. It has
    been noticed that you have not filed the said return till date.
    2. You are, therefore, requested to furnish the said return within 15 days failing which the tax
    liability may be assessed u/s 62 of the Act, based on the relevant material available with this
    office. Please note that in addition to tax so assessed, you will also be liable to pay interest
    and penalty as per provisions of the Act.
    3. Please note that no further communication will be issued for assessing the liability.
    4. The notice shall be deemed to have been withdrawn in case the return referred above, is filed
    by you before issue of the assessment order.
    5. This is a system generated notice and will not require signature.


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